12wbt – Week 1 – Letter to myself

stampThe week 1 challenge is to write a letter to yourself.  So here is mine.

I’m excited to be starting the 12wbt.  Excited to know that in just a few short weeks, even within 2-3 weeks I will be feeling healthier, lighter and just better about myself.  I have been wanting to get started since Christmas time but decided to start with the February round rather than just go it alone and I’m glad that I did as it gave me time to really get my head in the right place for starting, to get Christmas out of the way, to get into a routine for the new year.

My biggest challenges with definitely be maintaining commitment past the 4 week mark and being organised enough to plan and prepare meals that I’ll need to take with me out on the road.  I know that when I get really busy at work then planning and preparation tends to go out the window and so I’ll need to come up with a way this will work for me, even if work is busy.  I will need to overcome this by being prepared.  By organising the weekly food schedule and groceries and by giving myself the time in a week required to prepare health meals.

The achievement that will make me the proudest will be losing 10kg.  My main supporter will definitely be Kylie.  My main saboteur would be me.

Right now, the best words of encouragement I could get would be:

Celebrate the small milestones and keep the goal in mind.  You don’t need to be motivated, you just need to stay committed.  You are one of the most determined people I know and you set yourself goals and achieve them. This is no different. You CAN do it and you WILL do it.


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