Aunty Buggy



My Aunty Marg passed away yesterday, peaceful, in her nursing home, surrounded by her family, including my mum.  She wasn’t that old, but her body had stopped working gradually over many years, and with the death of Uncle Ed just 18 months or so ago, I think she was ready.

The end of a life is sad and it makes you reflect on how brief our time here is.  How we come, we learn, we grow, we build a life, we build a family and eventually we leave and life goes on.   Aunty Buggy, you were loved by many. You built a life and a family and they have and will continue to love you and remember you.

Some memories of Aunty Marg and Uncle Ed:

  • Christmas nights at Aunty Marg’s house
  • Card nights with mum and dad, Aunty Marg and Uncle Ed, Aunty June and Uncle Keith on a Saturday night
  • Saturday nights at ‘Cyclops’ restaurant and then ‘Franks’
  • Your awesome potato salad and pasta salad – both loaded with garlic!
  • Staying at Aunty Marg’s house for 8 weeks when I was in grade 4 whilst mum and dad went overseas
  • Dress up day at school, Aunty Marg made me a ‘Huckleberry Finn’ costume – torn up shorts and t-shirt and a cardboard fish hanging off a fishing rod – perfect for tomboy 7 or 8 year old me
  • Swimming in Aunty Marg’s pool, getting nipped by Wilbur the duck
  • Aunty Marg’s sense of humour
  • Uncle Ed – ‘bloody Carlton!’

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