12WBT Challenge

Michelle_Bridges_12_Week_Body_Transformation-6This week is the start of the 12 week body transformation – a 12 week program of healthy eating and exercise from Michelle Bridges (trainer from ‘The Biggest Loser’.  I have done the 12wbt a few times before and always managed to lose my way around week 5 and just fizzle out…

So how is this time different?  Well, I was reading a book of success stories from the 12wbt and it seemed that the people who were successful really promoted two things – that you had to be consistent and committed (always a favourite saying of mine) and you had to really just embody the ‘JFDI’ attitude.  I was reading how Michelle herself says that motivation is a crock – it will come and go – and you can’t rely on motivation to get you through as it just won’t always be there.  Instead you need to just be committed.  With our without motivation you must just get up and do it.  Everyday.

I also decided to really take on board the mindset lessons and commit to the actions that are set. One of the important pre-season actions was to ‘Say it out loud’.  To tell people what you are doing and to make a promise to someone you love or are close to.  So I looked Ky in the eye and shook her hand and told her that I was committed to following the program and would continue until I had lost 10km.  So I am committed!

So tomorrow is the day we get started.  Tonight I need to clear out our panty, take my before shots and measurements and do a fitness test.

Here we go!